She // JH

Keeps me up
Keeps my head busy
Keeps my thoughts
On the ground

Is not an existing woman
Nor a thought
Nor an imagination

She lives in many women
She lives in my head
She is not a dream
Nor an identification
Neither a personification
Nor a memory

She is living
All around me
At any time
She is living
All inside my head
And all along the road
She is living in the wind
She is living through the noise of cars
Having a crash
She is living in the sound of broken glass
And the habit of the birds
Annoying me to death
When I wanna think

She is living through my hangovers
At any morning
She is living through my fingers,
Putting them on any keyboard

She takes her breath
Through every cigarette
Killing me slowly

She gets her colors
At every grey and rainy day

She is waking up more
With every coffee I’ll drink

She is not Waiting for me
Neither am i
She’s not in my head nor on the phone
Nor somewhere out there

She is my own ability to love
And so is yours
Or hers
There she is
There she lives
There she loves


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